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We have been given permission by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust to make their range of self-help guides available to patients within Harthill PCN. 

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Additional information and pointers to help recognise and cope with the challenges that loneliness and isolation has - especially with the onset of winter months, can be reviewed in this booklet - recently made available by Easy Riding NHS Health Trainers.

You can download a copy here - and you can also get in touch with someone by visiting

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Information for adults physically, emotionally or sexually abused as children

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Information about anxiety aimed to help recognise, understand and overcome symptoms

Controlling Anger cover.JPG

Controlling Anger 

Coping with anger : understanding it's cause and strategies to gain control

Domestic Abuse cover.JPG

Domestic Abuse 

What is Domestic Abuse;  how to recognise domestic abuse and how to get help if you are affected

Health Anxiety cover.JPG

Health Anxiety

To help those who have troublesome worries about their health who may be experiencing health anxiety.

Recognise the signs and ways to make improvements

Obession cover.JPG

Obsession and Compulsions

Help to recognise OCD and ways you can help yourself manage and take charge of the condition.

Alcohol cover.JPG

Alcohol and You

To learn about the effects of drinking alcohol - particularly if you are worried about your own or someone else's drinking

Bereavement cover.JPG


For anyone who has faced a bereavement recently or in the past.

Supporting anyone dealing with grief

Depession & Low mood cover.JPG

Depression/Low Mood

To help you cope with depression and begin to feel better.

Eating Disorders cover.JPG

Eating Disorders

Recognise and understand what an Eating Disorder is - the things that cause and keep it going - and whether you want to make changes and control it

Food fro thought cover.JPG

Food for Thought

Help improve your health and wellbeing by making changes to your eating and activity levels

Hearing voices cover.JPG

Hearing Voices

and Disturbing Beliefs : a booklet written by people who have personal experience of these and are offering information and space to record experiences

Panic cover.JPG


Reduce your panic attacks with help to recpgnise and understand what a panic attack is, the triggers and what keeps it going.

Learn that panic attacks cannot harm you and can be controlled

Post traumatic stress cover.JPG

Post Traumatic Stress

Understand your thoughts and feeling after experiencing a trauma - and find about practical suggestions to deal with this

Post natal depression cover.JPG

Postnatal Depression

Help identify when you are suffering postnatal depression, the causes and the ways to get help and support

Self harm cover.JPG

Self Harm

Information and support for people who deliberately hurt themselves and are unhappy about this.

Useful also for family and friends

Sleeping problems cover.JPG

Sleep Problems

Understand your sleep problems and learn some effective ways to sleep better

Social Anxiety cover.JPG

Social Anxiety

Help to recognise signs of shyness or social anxiety, the causes and what keeps it going - and things to do to help overcome shyness and social anxiety

Stress cover.JPG


What is stress - and is it a problem for you.

Some simple suggestions to overcome stress and what other help may be available

Depression and Low Mood guide for partne

Depression and Low Mood

   Information for partners


If it your friend or your partner who you think is suffering depression or low mood this booklet can help you understand them and ways to help and support you and them to manage their condition

To see the full list of titles from NTW NHS click on the link below. These guides are available in different formats - including audio - by visiting their website

For more information about Self Help Guides produced by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust click this link:  Titles cover a range of mental health issues. If you click on this website you can choose to access the guides in audio or other format

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